Are you ready for Business in London?

London is the world's leading financial center, according to an index published by Z/Yen Group. It overtook New York which led the chart in 2014. Read this article from International Business Times
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Review of the new Statement of Property (E9 2014)

Review of the new Statement of Property (E9 2014) and the main changes from 1/1/2014 to date.

With the new Tax Law 4223/2013 which has effect from 1/1/2014 have been made significant changes in taxation for those who own or have rights in property in Greece.

The new law from the start of its validity has undergone many changes, and that makes the correct display of the property quite complicated.

One of the key changes is the introduction of the new Uniform Real Property Tax, called (EN.F.I.A). The specific tax has brought a large increase of tax payable in respect older taxes and that makes the proper supplementing of statement necessary. An incorrect presentation of assets and rights to the statements of E9, can in any future sale or transfer of a right, bring us significant penalties and hassle as notaries can not do any act if our property we have, is not properly mapped and of course the EN.F.I.A had not paid.

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